PROTECTED Intelligence

Threat Protection

for any device at any location, no software required or dns changes

OneDrive, G-Drive
‍Cloud Backup

Email, Calendar
‍Cloud Backup

Teams, Sharepoint
Cloud Backup

100% Cloud Based
No Software

Malware Protection at Any Location

Protected Intelligence protects your email and other cloud applications from malware.

Whether it is through file-sharing services like OneDrive, Google Drive, ShareFile, or messaging services like Slack and Skype and Teams.

Protected Intelligence scans your entire cloud environment for malware every message, file, and application, including all data from internal users.

Anti-Phishing with Machine Learning

Protected Intelligence utilises a machine-learning algorithm that connects via the API behind Office 365 and Workspace default security.

This allows Protected Intelligence to specifically catch the complex phishing attacks that Microsoft and Google fail to catch.

Documents With Malware Removed

Protected Intelligence will replace any file which contains malware by removing the original file and replacing it with a clean version.

Maintaining the file content and format but removing any harmful macros and binary resources.

Account Compromise Detection

By collecting numerous real-world incidents, Protected Intelligence identifies behaviour that can be a sign of a compromised account.

Once identified, Protected Intelligence responds in real-time with effective remedies to lock out the attacker before the damage is done.

DLP and Compliance

Control who your cloud data is shared with and how it is shared.

Protected Intelligence automated encryption and sharing policies will ensure you meet your industry’s compliance regulations without sacrificing the functionality of your cloud applications.

Help and Assisted Install

We provide screen-share and telephone support during normal UK business hours Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

You can also use the help and support section on our website where we reply the same day.