Microsoft Outlook Cloud Backup

Outlook Cloud Backup

Backup your Outlook email, contacts, calendars with Protected Intelligence

Microsoft Teams and Groups Cloud Backup

Teams Cloud Backup

Backup of all your Teams, messages, chats and groups to the cloud

Microsoft SharePoint Cloud Backup

SharePoint Cloud Backup

Backup your SharePoint sites to the cloud with Protected Intelligence

Microsoft OneNote Cloud Backup

OneNote Cloud Backup

Backup all your notes and notebooks stored in OneNote to the cloud

SaaS Backup for Business and Enterprise

Microsoft Office 365 does not provide data backup and recovery of your data.

Ultimately, you are responsible to keep your organisation’s data safe when using Microsoft Office 365 from deletion, ransomware/viruses.

No Software Required

Protected Intelligence runs 100% in the cloud, with no software or app to install on any of your devices.

This way Protected Intelligence can backup your Microsoft Office 365 data when your computer is turned off, and offline, and our backup's cannot slow down your computer or internet.

Protected Intelligence backup's are created directly from data held in the Microsoft Office 365 cloud and not from data on your devices.

New user accounts in Microsoft Office 365 are automatically detected and are set to be automatically backed up to our cloud.

SaaS Protection from Ransomware

Fully Automatic SaaS Cloud Backup:

Protected Intelligence is fully automatically and uses artificial intelligence to start, schedule and manage your Microsoft Office 365 backup.

Cloud Protected Against Ransomware:

When Protected Intelligence detects a ransomware attack running against your Microsoft Office 365 accounts, a backup is started to protect new or changed data, you will be notified and have a copy of your data which does not contain any ransomware.

Backup's Rescheduled:

When Microsoft Office 365 is unavailable or is showing errors, then Protected Intelligence will automatically reschedule your backup to start at a later time.

SaaS Cloud Backup with Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft Office 365
Cloud Backup
Storage Locations

When you create your backup account in Protected Intelligence you can select the location where you want
your backup data to be stored, the locations are
UK (London), Europe (Amsterdam), USA (Iowa), Canada and Australia

Unlimited Versions

Protected Intelligence comes with unlimited version retention for your cloud backup of Microsoft Office 365.

With Protected Intelligence you can always go back in time to restore your data from any version of your backup which you require.

Live Information

Protected Intelligence allows you to view the backup activity and statistics in real-time.

No waiting for reports to run, you get live data as and when it happens.

Users and administrators can receive instant, daily or weekly backup reports and alerts by email.

Help + Assisted Setup

We provide screen-share support using Google Meet  during normal UK business hours Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and emergency support outside these times.

You can also use the help and support section on our website where we reply the same day.

For Protected Intelligence administrators we provide bespoke training.

Our Features

Automatic and manual backup

Your backup runs several times each day or night.

Or run a manual backup with a click.

unlimited versions

Restore files from any chosen date and time.

Deleted files are always there.


We're 100% cloud, with no software to download or install. Your organisation data is protected in under 1 minute.


With artificial intelligence Protected Intelligence automatically reschedules or reconfigures and retries tasks when any errors are detected.


End users can easily sign into Protected Intelligence to restore their lost items on their own.


With end-to-end encryption your data is stored where you select and is compliant with GDPR.

Keeping Your
Data Happy

We have been providing backup services for 21 years, please see below comments from some of our customers.

Helpful and Very Happy

Calan came back quick and was really helpful, I am very happy with the customer service.

Prompt Response

As always thank you for the prompt response.

Great Service

Thank you so much. Great service.

Incredible service...

Emailed on a Saturday morning and Craig replied within an hour to deal with   my question.

Fast Backup

Backup is very fast and I have not needed to contact support.

Do Recommend

I highly recommend that all our customers use Protected Intelligence.